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The specialist for both the business and private market since 1980.

At Brouwer-Diensten you have come to the right place for a professional and flexible team that considers quality of paramount importance. With over 40 years of experience in window cleaning and services, we deliver the right price/quality ratio in every segment. Our wide range of services and service-oriented attitude have made us a popular company in the Amstelveen region and far beyond.

Window cleaning

We are available for all aspects of window cleaning. From traditional to telescopic washing. We also work with aerial work platforms, gondolas, walkways and suspended scaffolding.

Cleaning services

Cleaning services for VvEs, institutions and companies. For cleaning and keeping a staircase, atrium and elevator clean up to a shop or showroom.

Other services

We provide the most diverse services. Empty gutters and roofs, anti-spin treatments, install pigeon strips and much more.

Our services

Traditional Glasswashing

Traditional window cleaning means that washing is done in the old-fashioned way using climbing materials, washer, wiper, sponge, etc. Washing windows and facades is a pure craft. Window cleaners also need to understand all safety aspects.
Good window cleaning ensures a longer life of your glass and frame. Proper maintenance means you will be less likely to be faced with pricey renovation or replacement costs.

Frequent washing will also contribute to a fresh appearance of your building, which will be experienced as pleasant by everyone.

Telescopic Glass Washing

Not all buildings are suitable for traditional washing. Due to the increasingly strict regulations regarding the use of ladders, the high cost price and sometimes difficult deployability of an aerial work platform, an alternative has emerged for the ‘traditional’ glass and facade cleaning. It concerns the proven method of Telescopic cleaning.
We mainly use our telewash system for hard-to-reach windows or buildings with a large glass surface. You can think of offices, apartment complexes, stairwells, schools, community centers, but this method also offers a great solution above garden plants, greenhouses or sloping driveways of indoor garages.

We use demineralized or osmosis water. This is tap water, from which all lime and minerals are filtered through an osmosis system. Water in its purest form.
Because the dirt dissolving capacity of the water is increased, it dries stripe, stain and colorless after use.

Glass Washing With Aerial Platform

An aerial work platform can easily reach places that cannot be reached with a ladder or telewash system. An aerial work platform easily reaches heights of 15 meters and more. With the use of aerial work platforms, the window cleaning and cleaning work on facades can be carried out quickly and neatly.

Anti-spider treatment

Despite the fact that spiders are very useful and important in nature, they are a major source of annoyance in and around your home or business premises. Undesirably, the webs remain behind on windows, frames, etc. The excrement of spiders (and other insects) pollute and affect the surface. The nuisance can be particularly great in new housing estates or places with a lot of water and lighting in the area.

While we often see homeowners attempt to control spiders with do-it-yourself products, the results are often not very satisfactory. Small problems can escalate and that is often when many people seek the help of a professional.

Brouwer-Diensten helps you with spider control and protection in an environmentally friendly way. Because we make the habitat of the spider unattractive, the spider will look for another place. The agent we work with leaves a protective layer on the object to be treated and thus ensures that the webs of spiders do not adhere. We only work with the permitted biodegradable resources.

Emtpy Gutters

Not everyone realizes that cleaning gutters is very important. A dirty gutter can cause major problems. If the rainwater is not properly drained, the gutters can overflow, hang or break off and leaks often occur with all the resulting misery.

Especially in autumn and winter, leaf litter and branches block the water drainage. An annual cleaning and inspection of your gutters and drains is therefore very important. In wooded areas, we recommend that you have this done several times a year.

Cleaning solar panels

Although the manufacturer speaks of self-cleaning solar panels (coatings), this turns out to be different in practice. At Brouwer-Diensten we know better; completely self-cleaning does not exist! Over time, a dirty film will always form. You can easily check that yourself by swiping a finger across the panels. Despite the large amount of precipitation in the Netherlands, this dirty film layer will not come off by itself. Actually, it is similar to the dirt on your car. Loose sand washes off, but the rest must be removed by washing. Due to the angle of inclination, horizontal glass of conservatories and solar panels in particular has a great attraction for dirt. On solar panels, air pollution/exhaust fumes, sand, bird droppings, salt precipitation (in coastal areas, Leaves and metal dust from railway tracks are the culprits that bring down yields. It is absolutely wise to have your solar panels cleaned regularly.

Solar panels are located in various places on the roof. High and low. Sometimes easily accessible, but often also in a place that is difficult to reach. That affects the final price you will pay. Brouwer-Diensten makes a calculation for you without obligation, so that you will not get any surprises afterwards.

Placing pigeon stips

Pigeons, seagulls and other birds like to nest nearby where they can find enough food. In many cases that means in places where people also hang out. Pigeons like to find a gutter, edge or ledge to perch on. Building facades, window frames and gutters are seriously damaged by the aggressive effect of pigeon droppings. In addition, the droppings of pigeons can transmit diseases to humans and animals. Pigeons never come alone, they often live in groups and make a lot of noise. As a result, pigeons cause (noise) nuisance.

With our background in window cleaning, Brouwer-Diensten is your reliable partner. We are happy to help you prevent nuisance in an animal-friendly way. For this we mount specially developed strips that make it unattractive for the birds to land. So-called pigeon strips are hardly visible to humans.

Feel free to ask us to make a calculation without obligation and let the specialist do the work.

This is why you choose Brouwer-Diensten


At Brouwer-Diensten you are assured of experienced employees in possession of a VOG statement and VCA certification.


Working safely, responsibly and environmentally conscious is our top priority. We only work with environmentally friendly resources and materials.


Our knowledge is up to date in all aspects. Our employees are aware of the latest techniques and developments in the market and are trained where necessary.


Brouwer-Diensten strives for the best price/quality ratio in every segment.


We have been a household name in the region and far beyond for over 40 years.


Our employees advice and are involved with the customer and the assignment to be carried out. We use a transparent working method, no surprises afterwards. Wij hanteren een transparante werkwijze, geen verassingen achteraf.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can fill in the contact form on the contact page of our website or send us an email with your own email program to

When you contact us, we can explain everything to you and possibly make arrangements immediately.

That depends on whether your place of residence falls within our working area and the size of the building/project. Is your place not listed? Then please contact us.

We can be deployed in the following places: Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Amstelhoek, Abcoude, De Kwakel, Diemen, Kudelstaart, Nieuwkoop, Nieuwveen, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, Uithoorn, Zevenhoven.

We also have projects in Alkmaar, Heiloo, Haarlem, The Hague, Wassenaar etc. In short; if the size of the building/project allows, we can be deployed nationwide.

The costs depend on the accessibility of the windows, the frequency with which they are cleaned, the degree of pollution and the type of frame. The location also plays a role. A washing price is therefore related to many factors. If you would like a quick, no-obligation calculation, it is best to email us at

About 85% of private individuals opt for monthly washing, while there are also exceptions who want this more often, both indoors and outdoors (about 5%). About 10% of our private customer base participates on a bimonthly basis, in other words; every other month. Bimonthly is our lowest fixed frequency!

In any case, it is necessary not to allow contamination to sit on the glass for more than half a year. Dirt that has built up affects the glass and your frames. It is difficult to remove built-up dirt in one go.

We always work around a fixed date. We have no influence on factors such as the weather, public holidays, absenteeism, etc. If we are unable to do so, the work can be carried out one or more days earlier or later. The next turn will, if possible and reasonable, again be carried out according to plan. The interval may then be slightly shorter than normal.

As long as the front and back of your house/building is accessible to us, you do not have to be especially present for the performance of a cleaning. If we have to go through the house, for example, we can put you on the route as the first customer, so that this happens immediately in the morning.

The standard cancellation period is three washes.

Yes, we also offer other services to take over the care in and around your home/building. Please see our services page or contact us.

Yes, that’s possible! You can ask on site if he can do some extra cleaning if there is time. To ensure that the window cleaner has time for extra work on the day in question, it is advisable to send an e-mail to Brouwer-Diensten well in advance so that this can be scheduled. Additional activities that the window cleaner can perform include cleaning the eaves or gutter, emptying (roof) gutters, cleaning solar panels or an anti-spin treatment .

If the washing only takes place outside, you do not have to do much in principle, since we can reach almost everywhere with our material. It is best that you close all windows on the day of the cleaning and, if desired, remove any screens from the frames. There must be approximately 3 meters of free space from the facade of the building so that we can work unhindered.

When we have an appointment for the interior, the windowsills as well as desks etc. must be empty. If we have to move things ourselves or have to raise existing window coverings etc. ourselves, we do not take any responsibility for any damage that may result from this.

Damage is never fun, but it can happen unexpectedly. As you can expect from a professional company, we are well insured. We naturally handle this correctly.

Damage resulting from old age, wear and/or overdue maintenance, etc. to the part/project to be cleaned or due to poor accessibility will of course not be reimbursed. For more information about this, please refer to our general terms and conditions .

You can pay with us both by cash and by bank. Ask us about the conditions.

The water for our telescopic cleaning system is purified by an installation at our company. As a result, we have our water under control every time we fill up and work exclusively with pure water without lime and salts, etc. It is therefore extremely environmentally friendly.

When washing and chamois in the traditional way (chamois with bucket, sponge and squeegee) we use tap water with an addition of a neutral glass and window frame cleaner.

The winter period has little effect on window cleaning. On days with temperatures around freezing point, the windows can still be washed perfectly. Only in case of moderate/severe frost, the washing may not take place. In the winter period it is therefore possible that there may be a little more or less time between your chosen increment. We try to take this into account as much as possible.

Mail to that you have found items in your garden. We will then come by as soon as possible to collect it. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

You can fill in the contact form on the contact page of our website or send us an email using your own email program. When you contact us we can answer all your questions.

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